Coffee Break Bible Study: Luke 17-21

Read Luke 17.

Think about what verses 5-10 might mean in terms of being humble about what we do.

What does it mean that “the kingdom of God is within you?” (v. 21)

Read Luke 18.

What do you learn from the Parable of the Tax Collector?

What was the rich young ruler’s struggle? Do you have any similar struggles?

Read Luke 19.

What do you think Jesus was getting at in the story shared in verses 11-27?

Do you think verses 45-46 mean that no one should sell anything in a church?

Read Luke 20.

How does verse 17 describe the life of Jesus? How do you handle rejection?

What is Jesus’ direction about paying taxes? (verses 20-26)

Read Luke 21.

Why do you think Jesus felt the widow was more generous than others?

Have you ever experienced hate as a result of following Jesus? What encouragement does Jesus offer? (verse 17-18)hope leaves


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