Happy New Year

2022 – A Reflection

2022 – A Reflection

This has been one of the hardest years of our lives. Yet, it’s also one where we’ve grown closer to God and to each other. We are walking in more of a “just for today” mindset, trying not to borrow trouble, living in the “What is?” rather than the “What if?”

For every point of difficulty and stress, there have been counterpoints of grace. In random order …

The loss of Keith’s father, and the remembrance that God graced him with additional time when He could have taken him home a year or more before – giving him time to interact with a great-granddaughter and get to know a granddaughter-in-law and to grow closer to God spiritually before going to heaven, where he is no longer suffering. And the opportunity to feel with dear friends who had a similar loss this year (and in recent years) – a bond of healing together.

Unexpected journeys with kidney stones, for BOTH of us, one of us requiring two surgeries after years of no surgeries. The grace of making it through, that Keith didn’t have his at quite the same time (close!) when I was needing his help to go to outpatient procedures; family teamwork helping things happen when they could have been canceled or changed.

Sickness, which may or may not have been the C – but not to the point of major change of life or plans.

A loved one with an unexpected diagnosis that also required two surgeries – and an all-clear from skilled medical staff handling it quickly.

Financial hits due to unexpected expenses, but the provision of a way through, and the gladness of living as debt-free as possible prior, helping ease the “ouch” of something unexpected. God’s regular provision even in little ways (help me always pay attention to those love notes, Lord!)

The excitement of a new grandson coming, tempered by the potential health issues, with evidence of small and large graces already coming through the love and generosity of people; wisdom and provision extended through discounts/work benefit etc for our upcoming travel, and knowing that whatever happens, God has knit this child together for such a time as this and we have the privilege of loving him.

Slow periods for my business turning a corner in the fall to take on a client that’s a near-perfect fit for the variety of skills and interests I have and blesses some of my team in the process. And that this client is located in Charleston, the same place we will be at more frequently this coming year.

Stresses at work for Keith graced by strength to stay the course.

Growth in relationships, sometimes working through things, coming through the other side with strengthened resolve, commitment, and improved understanding.

Societal craziness, anger, and the pros and cons of the world of social media, soothed by a page of wonderful online relationships and financial support from the inner circle coffee club.

Slow sales in my latest book, Circle of Friendship, peppered with a group going through it over months, digging deeper, and hearing about someone who I don’t personally know being gifted it and blessed by its concepts. Writers don’t always know the impact they have. The rewards are often not financial.

Car troubles, graced by being married to a mechanic who has been able to save us and his mother money.

I may be forgetting something, but it doesn’t matter. I know this year has been uniquely difficult for so many. Most of us are ready to wave goodbye to it.

But let’s also reflect …

The road has been hard.
Grace has been there.
Focus on grace.

Happy New Year, dear online (and for some IRL) friends. Love to you all.


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