Services and Pricing

Service Options
Best for clients who have a variety of support needs and would love a reliable team to call upon. Because our competencies (virtual assisting/concierge, writing, coaching) often overlap, we keep it simple by using Pre-paid Service Accounts (PSA) for most services, although we do offer a billable time option as well.  Scroll down for information about other products and services outside the scope of these plans.

General Policies

  • Our pre-paid service accounts are non-refundable unless there is a mutually agreed-upon reason for an exception.
  • We bill/deduct in 15-minute increments.  We work with integrity and do not take advantage of this, and seek to track sporadic minutes appropriately into batches.
  • We must receive at least 30 minutes of paid work opportunities per month (a 30-minute meeting can count for this.) If we do not receive this opportunity, 30 minutes will be transferred from your PSA to our Give HOPE Fund for pro-bono use at the end of any inactive month, unless an exception is granted.
  • There is no other deadline to use up your PSA.
  • You will be notified when your PSA gets to three or fewer hours remaining. We appreciate prompt replenishment or notice that you will not be renewing.
  • Whenever possible, we appreciate payment through ACH/direct deposit/bill pay, but we are equipped to offer Stripe/PayPal/Venmo links for your convenience.

Get Acquainted Session

$ 0.00
  • One time, no-obligation chat about any topic you wish (including our services).

Straight Time Billable Support

$ 45.00 per hour
  • Best for those who have never worked with us before or need occasional help but don't wish to commit to an ongoing client relationship. This option allows you to be invoiced monthly (or upon completion of the task, whichever comes first).

Pre-Paid Service Account

$40 per hour
  • This provides the client a pre-paid service account from which we will draw payment for completed work. Clients may purchase up to 20 hours at a time. PSAs are non-refundable unless an exception is granted.

CTA Consult for Greenville SC

$25.00 Up to 30 minutes
  • Book an online meeting with Beth to discuss ways to enjoy your visits to/in Greenville county.


Other Services

Specialty Connections: Due to our cultivated network, we are able to offer connections to specialty services such as graphic design, long-form editing, audio work, bookkeeping and more for clients who need deep work beyond the scope of our offerings. Depending on the situation, we may correlate these services under the umbrella of your relationship with us, or make an introduction and request a referral donation if you choose to hire that provider on your own.

Speaking engagements   Beth has experience speaking and leading workshops nationwide on matters of faith, soft skills topics such as emotional intelligence, organization, time management, the DISC profile, people skills, leadership, team building and more. She will consider in-person events on a case-by-case basis; fees are determined with the host.)


Freebies and Learning Tips 

Social Media Tips, Conversation Prompters, and Conversation

Coffee Club - an opportunity for those appreciate Beth's content to provide her with occasional or monthly "cups of coffee."

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