Ongoing Support Options Pricing, Specialty Services, and Resources

Ongoing Support Options
Best for clients who have a variety of support needs and would love a reliable team to call upon. Because our competencies (virtual assisting, writing, coaching) often overlap, it is often most cost-effective and simple for you to choose from this selection of services. However, we also offer A' la carte options here.

Get Acquainted Session

$ 0.00
  • One time, no-obligation chat about any topic you wish (including our services.)

Simple Straight Time

$ 45.00 per hour
  • Best for those who need occasional help but don't wish to commit to an ongoing client relationship, this option allows you to be invoiced monthly (or upon completion of the task, whichever comes first). If you are interested in coaching-related services, you may want to check our A'La Carte options first.

Easy Start (Excellent Assistance; Serving You)

$ 80.00 30 day period
  • The first step for those who are interested in a HOPE Client PSA, this required trial period includes up to two-hours of service as well as a free "Are we a fit?" evaluation meeting the final week of service. If we mutually agree to continue working together, you will then establish a pre-paid service account at an approximate 12% discount. (Have more than two hours of work for us? We will bill you at the conclusion of 30 days for the additional hours at $40/hour.) This service is non-refundable and non-extendable. The 30-day period ends on the Friday closest to 30 days.

HOPE Client PSA (Honorable, Ongoing, Pre-paid, Excelling - prepaid service account)

$ 350/690 $350/10 hours, $690/20
  • Our most popular and simplified offering, these values-driven clients have completed Easy Start and now have a pre-paid service account. They provide us some type of earnings opportunity (tasks, meetings, etc.) monthly. As long as we see SOME activity each month (even if just a quick touch-base), there is no dormancy fee. If not, a 30-minute dormancy deduction will be taken at the end of the month. These clients enjoy an ongoing savings of approximately 24% from our straight time rates. An option-to-replenish reminder is sent when the account falls below three hours remaining.


A'La Carte Services:  We offer several standalone options for stress reduction, coaching, and more.  Click here for details.

Specialty Services: Due to our cultivated network, we are able to offer specialty services such as graphic design, long-form editing, audio work, and bookkeeping for our clients who need specialized attention. These services are billed individually as needed, at separate rates based on the type of work, with Beth involved as necessary for communication/coordination.

Other Resources

The following educational resources are also offered:

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