Free Resources

On a regular basis, we add resources to our freebie page to help you pursue excellence and that correspond with our four pillars of content:

  • Honorable Living
  • Organized Productivity
  • People Skills
  • Enjoyment of Life

Also, Beth's books on Amazon are often offered for free on a short-term basis.  See the "Free Book!" box for the latest!

We also make some announcements on social media channels. Click here for links to our active channels.

Beth is grateful for members of her Coffee Club who give regular "cups of coffee" in support of her content creation efforts.  These folks receive private messages, photos of Turbo the #officecat and more. Please join in!

Free Book Schedule

You can find all of Beth's books here.

Beth offers free Kindle versions of her books on a regular basis, typically one title per month.

52 Tips for Pros on the Go

Free download available July 10-14, 2023

Time Management Jesus' Way

Free download available August 4-8, 2023

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