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    An experienced speaker and business soft skills trainer, Beth's creative, audience-involved, fun-focused approach brings a breath of fresh air to professional events held live or online. She has spoken for Michelin, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Clemson University, CCT Business Training clients, LeadX, Remarkable Leadership (Kevin Eikenberry Group), the National Association of Church Business Administration, the Association of Christian Schools International, Fellowship Greenville, First Presbyterian Church Greenville and others. Webinars, live feed training, conference keynotes or workshops can all be customized for your audience or team.


Beth considers each opportunity on a case-by-case basis, based on the needs of the organization or group, the budget available, the type of presentation needed, as well as other factors.

Please contact Beth to start a conversation!

PS: Visit Beth's YouTube Channel to get a sense of her speaking style.


NOTE: If you have already booked Beth for a speaking engagement, and need a bio, photos or marketing material, click here.

Beth’s presentation  was  beyond what I was expecting. Not only did she give us great organizational tips for the work place, but for our home and daily lives, too....I strongly  recommend Beth as a presenter at your workshop or conference. We can all use a little peace and calmness in our lives!   ~Carol F., Office Adminstrator

I would have to say that I feel your company really has "us" in your best interest...when I receive news from you, it is always uplifting and useful...it is relevant to our jobs...with a touch of "real life"...I enjoy knowing that it's not just a job for you, but a ministry and blessing to us. Shelly, Lanesville, IN

I have known Beth as a friend and a partner in several endeavors for the past several years. She has invested in my growth as she has recognized strengths in me that she was willing to bring to light in projects of her own. She has also encouraged me to use those strengths with my own projects and has introduced me to people that have had an impact on my working toward certain goals. In doing that, it brings to light one of her gifts. She helps people understand that they have something important to offer,  and she is willing to use her vast knowledge of many subjects and her connections with many in different areas of expertise to help someone realize their own goals. It is my privilege to know someone that is eager to see me succeed and brings her gifts to bear to be part of that success.  Karina Whisnant, Michelin / Certified Christian Life Coach 

We booked Beth Beutler to conduct a five-session lunch and learn series over the summer for our employees and were very pleased with the outcome. Beth was professional, always prepared, flexible and easy to work with to achieve our goal of providing an educational and fun learning experience.  Our employees not only enjoyed the fun approach Beth took, including games and prize drawings, but also benefited from the common sense, practical tips for conquering challenges related to email, calendar, task, work space and other productivity issues. We would highly recommend other companies book Beth for one or more of her energetic sessions to help you improve the management of your day-to-day work life and increase employee productivity.  Director of Legal Administration, Accord Financial, Inc.

I’ve worked with Beth and her team for more than a year. They’re great! Beth handles all my social media – posting to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and she manages my newsletter.  She’s a top notch professional and gets my work out even when her power was out during the hurricane! I highly recommend Beth to anyone who needs help juggling your business.  - Shelley Row, CEO ShelleyRow.com

Thank you for providing me with the email tips to clear out my email inbox. I’ve struggled for years to maintain my multiple email addresses especially with the large volume of spam and articles sent to me that one day I think I’m going to read. I’ve used many of the tips you provided in the past but learned several new ideas as well. I did delete thousands and thousands of emails that I will never read or never asked for that ultimately get in the way of emails that I really want to get or should be responding to and I didn’t. That’s not how I like to be personally and or professionally. My Gmail account had over 14,000 emails in it when I started in which I was able to get that down to 5,000 and also opt out to many ads and newsletters I will never read. I also started clearing out the daily emails each day so they don’t continue to stack up and I’m reviewing and deleting the other 5,000 so it will take me a few months to get to a good starting point and create a system going forward. I would also consider myself to be a big email abuser and with 5 different email addresses so most people that take the course and do as you advise, should feel much better that week upon completion. 

Thanks for sharing and caring about others. 

Patrick Van Every, WOMGreenville 

My Gmail inbox currently has 465 emails in it. That's down from over 26,000. 

I've translated what I've learned to my work email which is a smaller project since I've only been at this particular job since August. I'm being ruthless with the delete button and think "Is this me or is this not me?"  to determine whether I need to read or save emails that are sent out to a large mailing list. 

I'm sticking to the good mailbox habits that you taught me. Leigh H.

Beth’s expert knowledge of different personality types allows her to communicate effectively to a varied audience. Additionally, she possesses the skill sets necessary to share her knowledge with others in a way that helps them enhance their personal or professional lives through better overall communication. – Stephanie Baker, Counselor and Master Christian Life Coach, CEO of Life In Abundance

In all sincerity, thank you for your willingness to speak during “Family First” yesterday. As always, you were full of helpful tips, practical information, and–of course–able to fully engage the group. We couldn’t ask for more! ~ LS, volunteer, First Presbyterian Church, Greenville, SC

Beth’s an excellent quick tip source and encourager on a variety of topics including health and fitness, finances, organization, business etiquette, and more. I’m amazed at her ability to network with such keen diversity due to her friendly and welcoming communicative style. ~ Barbara Seibel, Ministry Assistant, First Presbyterian Church, Greenville.

The most inspiring, well-organized life management workshop I’ve ever experienced! ~ Kit A., Ninety Six, SC

Best workshop of the conference!” “Beth Beutler runs an excellent class that helped me look at myself in a whole new way!” ~NACBA Conference Attendees, Seattle

Beth has a practical good sense born in spiritual discernment that helps people do the right thing for the right reason. ~ Larry K. Wood, Retired Attorney 

Fast Five: Facts You Should Know

  1. Beth believes presentations should be engaging and practical ... not opportunities for naps!
  2. In addition to speaking in person, Beth can speak to your group via live or pre-recorded video (i.e. for Lunch & Learns for small business teams.) For keynotes, Beth prefers not to use technology, but has slide presentations for workshops and video training.
  3. In most cases, an organization should be prepared to offer a reasonable honorarium or have a budget for appropriate speaker fees and expenses.
  4. Beth's schedule is limited due to her responsibilities as Managing Director of  H.O.P.E. Unlimited, but she loves to speak and engage with groups a few times a year.
  5. Most presentations can be customized for a group although based on established frameworks and ideas. The amount of customization requested should be reflected in the honorarium.
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