How We Help

Here are some tasks we've done/can do for clients to help them pursue excellence:

  • arrange appointments
  • handle email and customer service questions
  • research
  • continuous improvement coaching
  • virtual coworking sessions (to keep you on track)
  • conduct screening interviews for open positions
  • edit/proofread
  • make reservations
  • order food for meetings
  • create social media graphics
  • coach about effective ways to manage email
  • run reports
  • notate and time stamp YouTube videos
  • update CRM systems
  • draft/refresh blog posts
  • assist with email marketing campaigns
  • schedule social media posts
  • coordinate with other services such as graphic design, bookkeeping, or audio work

Click here for more details, such as pricing info and the other services we offer.

We're not for everyone. Everyone is not for us.

We serve a variety of people and are always open to discussing possibilities for expanding our client roster. But we know we aren't a fit for everyone who needs our type of services. Neither is every potential client a fit for us. We're efficient, communicative, and pleasant, open to feedback and expect to be able to share our suggestions.  We work at a steady pace and respond within a reasonable timeframe.

Our ideal clients tend to have a developed sense of purpose, treat their team kindly, and are in tune enough with what they need to give us some direction and be open to feedback, even if they sometimes feel overwhelmed!  We can help you grow and stay organized, but we aren't in the business of supporting continual chaos, nor are we interested in working for impatient, demanding people.

We help you excel. We don't make you excel.

We will come alongside you and give you ideas for how to pursue excellence in your unique way. We can help implement tasks and routines and even hold you reasonably accountable for your projects. But we don't hand-hold, and if you constantly drift off track (squirrel!) we may not be a long-term fit for you.

We take time to exhale and believe our clients should too.

We don't get complaints about our responsiveness and availability, because we can be reached pretty easily. However we believe in taking time "off the grid," and that a life of hope and wholeness includes non-professional pursuits. We believe our clients should have those same opportunities and don't expect you to be available 24/7/365.

Low Pressure Minimums - Maximum Value

You're probably not going to find many virtual assistance companies that are willing to work with such low-pressure minimums as we are. We are unique that way. Plus we give you one main contact with access to a strong team to give you the best of both worlds. Our pre-paid service accounts give you guaranteed access and us some financial security and reduce the annoyance of lots of invoicing or long-term contracts. (Although several of our clients have been with us for a long time!) That's maximum value for you!

We believe in synergy over competition. Even if we lose business.

Some of our clients are in the same industry. We have found that it only adds synergy. There is enough work for all of us. Tools or routines that benefit one client in an industry can benefit another in or out of it. We are generally open about our client roster, and haven't had a problem yet. If you need a service that is non-compete, we aren't for you.  And, if in the evolving of our working relationship, we discover that a task we've been doing for you for a long time should now be handed over to someone else on your team so you can have a better process, we won't horde it out of fear of losing business.

We follow up. We won't chase you down.

Interested in our services? We'd love to talk with you and answer any questions. But our policy is to follow up with potential clients no more than once, maybe twice. Why? We don't want to be a bother. And, if you aren't ready to take the next step by the follow-up time, you probably aren't ready for our services yet. That's okay...keep reading and following and let us know when you are!

Our faith is important to us. And it includes respecting yours.

We don't hide nor over-promote our non-denominational faith in Jesus Christ and biblical principles. And part of that life means that we respect that our clients, customers and followers may not see everything the same way we do. What we do want in common is an ethical, kind and fruitful approach to our professional lives and businesses.

Our Ideal Client

Having worked with a variety of clients over many years, we have discovered what type of client tends to be a great fit for our model.  We have some clients who have remained with us for years. Some utilize our services for a short period of time. We have appreciated and learned from every one of them, and our experiences have helped us provide you with a guideline for a great client/provider relationship.

Our best clients ...

H – HONOR their values and mission

Our clients are people who in their business and/or personal life have established values and a mission that guides their projects, decisions, and approach to their clients and audiences. While they may not be perfect, we can tell that they are committed to living and working out these values and mission in how they operate day-by-day.

O – are OPEN to collaboration, continuous improvement, and cultivating a pleasant and fun relationship

Our clients are open to working together on projects and receiving suggestions for managing their administrative life more effectively. They are willing to try new tools and approaches. We do not work with clients who do not appreciate input. 

Our ideal client also enjoys life and is generally fun to work with!

P – Demonstrate PEOPLE Skills

Our clients have demonstrated people skills including communicating well and treating their team, clients, and audiences with respect.

E – have clear and reasonably defined EXPECTATIONS

Our clients have at least some idea of specific tasks or projects a VA team can help with, and are competent in delegating those tasks. While they may need some guidance or strategy sessions to develop a plan from time to time (that's where our continuous improvement coaching comes in), they are always able to identify tasks that need doing. 

We deeply respect Executive Assistants who dedicate their work lives to supporting one or two professionals, anticipating their needs and fixing problems immediately.  While we may act in that capacity to some degree for clients who need a fractional EA, it is not the model of our business to provide many hours of support for one person per week.  If you are looking for that type of relationship, we recommend checking services such as Office Angels or Worxbee.

If this describes you, let's have a free consultation to go further! Click this link to set up a time.

What You (and We) Can Expect

  • Beth Beutler is the owner and principal provider of services, although she utilizes an experienced team of contractors to scale the business to be able to support multiple clients.  She remains the main contact/coordinator for the client.
  • Beth is generally available for hands-on client work/coaching Monday - Thursdays between 9 and 4.  Her team is often available beyond that, serving our clients on Fridays, nights, and weekends as works best for their schedules.
  • Most work is done remotely, but depending on the circumstances, Beth is willing to occasionally do on-site visits/meetings/work sessions.
  • Pre-paid service accounts are non-refundable except in the case of an emergency on either side or a mutually agreed upon suspension of work.
  • While there is no minimum number of hours per month required, we transfer 30 minutes out of any inactive account  (i.e. any account for which we have received no work assignments or had no meetings that month) into our Give HOPE Fund.
  • All clients should understand that when working with us, you are working with contractors who own their own businesses, not employees. We do our best to be available and professional for you, and in turn, expect you to understand that we decide what hours we can provide and when and the location from which we will serve you. We also may have multiple clients to serve and reserve the right to decline tasks that do not fit our skill set, interests or bandwidth.
  • If we do more than $600 worth of work for you in a calendar year, we will expect you to send us a 1099 by the end of January of the following year.
  • We will set up preferred communication protocols with each client to ensure reliability and responsiveness.  We are familiar with a variety of tools and prefer to use project management applications (i.e. Asana, Monday), messaging services (i.e. WhatsApp), or email over phone calls or direct-to-cell texting for our regular communication and task assignments.


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