Under the umbrella of HOPE Unlimited, Beth Beutler Helps Others Pursue Excellence as a Virtual Assistant/Concierge, Personal Growth Coach, and Writer/Content Creator. 

When you work with Beth, you also get the benefit of additional available assistance as needed from a small, skilled team of long-time independent contractors who help her complete certain tasks. This allows Beth to provide you both personalized service and a built-in team under her leadership, a win/win for many types of clients.

Because our services are synergistic and often overlap, we choose to offer all general services* under the package options listed below.  This way, you can pay the same amount per hour whether you are receiving administrative or concierge assistance, coaching, writing, or content creation services from us.  

Your options:

      • Quick-Win Admin - This choice is best for those who have a small collection of tasks on occasion, or who want a coaching/resource conversation from time to time. Give what feels good to you for a strategy session, document review, research, or a collection of quick tasks that take no more than one hour in one sitting every 60 days unless otherwise agreed upon. No prior business relationship is necessary and there is no expectation to maintain one. Upon completion of the task/session, the client will be invited to make a selection from our Give What Feels Good to You page.


      • Billable Straight Time - $40 per hour as needed; for those who need professional services of more than one hour from time to time, but do not want to purchase and maintain an ongoing pre-paid service account.  Billed upon the completion of 10 hours of work, or on the first of each month for work done the prior month, whichever comes first. (If, while using the BST plan, you determine that a pre-paid service account might be better for you, you can switch to that upon completion of the month/10 hours, whichever comes first, at the BST rate.)


      • *Easy Start - our EASY Start package is a pre-requisite of our PSA (pre-paid service account). It is a 30-day or 10 hours, whichever comes first package requiring a deposit of $80, with the remaining time invoiced at the end of the period.  It includes a required, billable evaluation meeting to determine if we are both a good fit for each other going forward. (Click for more details.)


    • PSA: 10 /20-hour pre-paid service accounts*  ($350 for 10 / $690 for 20) are best for those who have an ongoing need for our services particularly if you intend to use us weekly. As long as we have a current working relationship (are in touch and/or receiving tasks at least once a month) there is no deadline for using up the hours in the account. You are invited to replenish them once they are under three hours remaining.  These accounts require the completion of our Easy Start program, first.

*Specialty services such as graphic design, long-form editing, and bookkeeping are also available for our clients who need focused help in these areas and more. Those services are billed individually as needed, at separate rates based on the type of work, with Beth involved as necessary for communication/management.


These educational resources are priced individually or are free. We always appreciate participation in the Give What Feels Good to You program if free resources are of regular help to you.

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