Under the umbrella of HOPE Unlimited, Beth Beutler Helps Others Pursue Excellence as a Virtual Assistant/Concierge, Continuous Improvement Coach, and Writer/Content Creator. 

When you work with Beth, not only do you have access to a professional with a variety of competencies, you will also benefit from the help of a skilled long-time team who partner with Beth to serve our clients when appropriate. Beth always remains your main point of contact. The team aspect is available when we feel it would scale and enhance your support even more, and is implemented only with the client's approval.

Because our services are synergistic and often overlap, we choose to offer all three key roles under the package options listed below.  This way, you can pay the same amount per hour whether you are receiving administrative or concierge assistance, coaching, writing, or content creation services from us.  

Free 15-Minute Get-Acquainted Session - a one-time, no-obligation chat about any topic you wish!

Quick-Win Admin - This choice is best for those who have a small collection of tasks on occasion, or who want a coaching/resource conversation from time to time. Give what feels good to you for a strategy session, document review, research, or a collection of quick tasks that take no more than one hour in one sitting every 60 days unless otherwise agreed upon. No prior business relationship is necessary and there is no expectation to maintain one. Upon completion of the task/session, you will be invited to make a selection from our Give What Feels Good to You page.

Billable Straight Time - Best for those who need occasional help but don't wish to commit to an ongoing pre-paid service account, this $40/hr option allows you to be billed around the first of the month for hours done in the month previous. We also offer Specialty services such as graphic design, long-form editing, and bookkeeping for our clients who need focused help in these areas and more. Those services are billed individually as needed, at separate rates based on the type of work, with Beth involved as necessary for communication/coordination.

PSA - 10/20 hour Prepaid Service Accounts - Best for those who want an ongoing relationship with us, and who feel they will either give monthly (or weekly) tasks and/or have at least one continuous improvement session per month.  A 30 day EASY Start package is required first. From there, as long as we have some monthly activity, there is no deadline for using up these hours. Clients who utilize PSAs enjoy an approximately 12% discount from our straight time pricing with 10 hours at $350 and 20 hours at $690.



These educational resources are priced individually or are free. We always appreciate participation in the Give What Feels Good to You program if free resources are of regular help to you.

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