Under the active guidance and participation of Beth Beutler, HOPE Unlimited Helps Others Pursue Excellence through Fractional Executive/Project Assistance, Soft Skills Education, and Personal Growth Facilitation in two formats: services and resources.  Here is how it works:

Services (for those interested in hands-on executive or project assistance and/or soft skills/personal growth strategy sessions) 

    • Quick-Win Admin/Strategy Sessions - For those with very small, occasional tasks (taking under one hour on a sporadic basis) or who want a strategic conversation from time to time. Pay what feels right for a strategy session, document review, research, or another quick task (must take less than one hour.) No prior business relationship is necessary and there is no expectation to maintain one.  Upon completion of the task/session, the client will be invited to make a selection from our Give What You Can page.
    • Billable Straight Time* $40 per hour as needed; for those who need professional services of more than one hour from time to time, but do not want an ongoing retainer.  Billed upon completion of the work.
    • 10 /20-hour retainers*  ($350 for 10 / $690 for 20) are best for those who have an ongoing need for professional services and/or strategy sessions. As long as we have a current working relationship (are in touch most weeks) there is no deadline for completion of these retainers and you are invited to replenish them once they are under three hours remaining.

*Easy Start - our EASY Start package is required for all potential clients who expect to need ongoing support.

We also offer specialty services such as graphic design, long-form editing, and bookkeeping for our clients who need focused help in these areas and more. Those services are billed individually as needed, at separate rates based on the type of work.


These educational resources are priced individually or are free. We always appreciate participation in the Give What You Can program if free resources are of regular help to you.

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