For many years, our company has utilized what we call a "Give HOPE Fund."  A portion of all our income is redirected to this fund, and some clients choose to defer an additional portion of their purchases into it. 

The fund is then used to bring hope to others in ways that reflect our areas of focus.  Our team earns paid "Give Hope" time and reports monthly on how they use it, whether by taking paid time to volunteer or using the funds for a specific purpose. The following examples represent how the Give HOPE Fund has been used to bring hope to others.

Honorable Living

  • Social media support to Soapstone Church, an enclave of African-American culture and history established in 1865 by freed slaves.  Find them on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Administrative support work (i.e. voluntary Ministry Administrative Assistant) to Freedom Church in Mauldin, SC, a small, non-denominational gathering that does not have a staff member for this purpose.
  • Service to individuals/families in need (see specific examples below.)

Organized Productivity

  • Helping a lady go through clothes to give away and downsize before moving
  • Completing set up and clearing out of a woman's emails 
  • Inventorying children's ministry material for a local church

People Skills

  • Donating food and household goods to community Blessing Boxes
  • Donating toiletries to a women's shelter
  • Making/providing a meal for a family in need
  • Replacing/Installing a piece of medical equipment for a lady and her disabled husband at no cost
  • Working with a friend in Kenya to keep a woman on a path to education in nursing

Enjoyment of Life

  • Providing registration for fundraising events that combine wellness and cause support, such as the Happy Little 5K which supports SC State Parks.
  • Purchasing books for Free Lending Libraries
  • Preparing/leaving random encouragement cards/bookmarks/gifts in the community.

Prior to 2020, in addition to various projects similar to those listed above, we did some specific projects, such as a "Sole HOPE Shoe Party" that you can learn about here.

We very much appreciate our clients and team who participate in Giving HOPE.

A historic church founded by freed slaves, for which we provide some social media support.
A historic church founded by freed slaves, for which we provide some social media support.
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