H.O.P.E. Unlimited provides service in a team approach, with Beth Beutler being the main contact for all clients and her longtime team of Brenda Covert, Hillary Beth Trivette, and Elisa Lincoln assisting her and clients with specific projects. In this way, we can multiply our availability, without complicating the service plan with our clients.  Our team has years of experience in administrative work, writing, editing and operational support. Our model offers you a great way to have a team without having to hire and manage several different individuals.

An Extended Team through our Specialty Connections Service: Due to our cultivated network, we are able to offer connections to specialty services such as graphic design, long-form editing, audio work, bookkeeping, and more for clients who need deep work beyond the scope of our offerings. Depending on the situation, we may correlate these services under the umbrella of your relationship with us, or make an introduction and request a "Give What Feels Good to You" referral donation if you choose to hire that provider on your own.

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