Thank you for visiting my Give What Feels Good to You page. For some services and resources, instead of applying typical fees of approximately $30-40 an hour, I offer my expertise without charge. I want to be a giver who adds value to the world, and I feel there are some projects and relationships that are better supported outside the framework of a business arrangement.

Even so, since I make a living providing administrative and personal growth services and resources, I always appreciate gestures that acknowledge that my gifting and competencies helped you.  Should you be at this page because you've received a benefit and want to say "thanks," here are some options you can choose from (see buttons below descriptions.)

  • Become a HOPE Helper - for those who follow and benefit from my content regularly and/or for whom I do minor tasks, this $5 a month option allows you to show consistent support
  • Buy Me Coffee - adds to my Starbucks account
  • Request an Invoice - best for those who want paperwork for their system of payment before they give - you tell me what to bill
  • Buy from my Amazon Wish List - I keep a list of items I would enjoy having and being surprised by!
  • Send a One time/Occasional Gift: a payment of any amount, one time, as a thank you for content, or professional-level administrative services
  • Send a check or gift through the mail: I always welcome surprises in the mail. For example, I collect postcards from all over the world and enjoy receiving them. And of course, checks are always welcome, too!

I very much appreciate your thoughtfulness in giving what feels good to you and thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

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