10 Key Thoughts from the E-book Bundle

[callout]She looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness. Prov. 31:27 [/callout]

As you know, we’re in the middle of a special featured e-book bundle for organization, which continues through April 7. Here are ten things I learned–or were reinforced to me–through some of the books in the bundle. These are not exact quotes…they are thoughts I came up or that were reinforced because of what I read. I have indicated what book prompted these thoughts.

(Next Thursday, I’ll resume my regular posts regarding an area of living or working with excellence. Thank you for the opportunity to share this bundle with you and a special thanks to those who have already purchased–a portion of your purchase will be given to me so while you enjoy the books, please also accept my appreciation for that blessing.)

Now, on to the thoughts:

1. Life is more than a clean house (Clean Enough)

2. Organizing home paperwork, even a little a time, can lead to clarity. (10 Steps to Organized Paper)

3. Sometimes it’s better to do whatever cleaning will make the room look acceptable that week rather than insist on a particular chore. (Clean Enough)

4. One small task a day, over time, can make a big difference. (100 Days of a New Year)

5. Use lists a lot–get all that stuff out of your head! (GTD for Homemakers)

6. Sometimes you have to set your own consequences for being late, to help instill more motivation to start earlier next time. (28 Days to Timeliness)

7. Routines and systems that become automated can help you stay on top of your responsibilities (plus they help alleviate mental clutter.)  (Productivity 2.0)

8. Sometimes it’s wise to create your daily schedule in small chunks rather than mapping out the whole day. This allows for interruptions to not derail your entire schedule. (Creating a Schedule that Works)

9. Organizing a small area–especially a frequently used one that frustrates you often–can be encouraging and motivating. (Simple Living: 30 Days to Less Stuff and More Life)

10. Planning ahead on meals, even working ahead several weeks, can take the stress out of dinner planning. (Project Manage Your Entire Life)


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