Coffee Break Bible Study: Luke 22-24; John 1-2

For former Coffee Break Bible studies, visit the elevate page. We are traveling through the New Testament throughout all of 2014 but you can jump in anytime!

Why do I provide Coffee Break Bible studies? I know that many of you are busy professionals, and sometimes time to spend in God’s Word can seem elusive. Coffee Break Bible studies are meant to provide you a way to dip into God’s Word during the short pauses in your life, such as coffee and lunch breaks.

Read Luke 22.

Why do you think Jesus felt so compelled to have the Passover meal with His disciples?

This time, when Jesus sends out the disciples (verses 35-28) He tells them to take certain things. What do you think is different about this instruction versus when He sent out disciples without supplies?

Read Luke 23.

What do you learn from how Jesus handled his trials?

How does verse 28 show Jesus’ heart?

Read Luke 24.

Picture yourself as one of the individuals on the road to Emmaus. How would you have responded?

What stands out to you about how the disciples responded when Jesus appeared to them?

Read John 1.

Write out verse three and thank God for what He has done in creating you.

Why did John call Jesus the “Lamb of God?”

Read John 2.

What do you make of Jesus’ first public miracle?

Why do you think Jesus drove out the business people from the temple?


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