Five Enriching Words for Professionals

Occasionally I hear an interesting, unfamiliar word that can enrich the vocabulary of a professional.  Here are a few for you to enjoy! (Click on the word to read more about it.)

Hatmada  is a Hebrew word for perseverance, this can remind us to press on through the inevitable challenges that can face us at work. What task do you need to persevere through today?

Makrothumia, similar in meaning, this Greek word is translated as long-suffering, or the patient restraint of anger. When you breathe and avoid reacting in anger, you are exercising makrothumia.  What person or situation at work do you need to apply some makrothumia to?

Kotsu Kotsu is a Japanese word referring to something being rhythmic, or having a beat.  By establishing routines and procedures, you can create a working rhythm for your professional life.  Consider today what routine you could tweak that would help your work life be more rhythmic.

Hygge – is a Danish word that describes something as cozy, charming or special. Finding moments of hygge in your day can replenish you.  Does your workspace create “hygge”?  Can you create a moment of hygge for someone else?

Ubuntu  is a Nguni Bantu word referring to humanity toward others. Our professional life gives us ample opportunity to be human with one another…exercising compassion and courtesy while also being willing to admit mistakes.  Do you try to put on a facade at work? Maybe it’s time for your coworkers to get to know the real you a bit more.

I hope these unique words add a different perspective to your work life today!

enriching words

Note: the sharing of these words does not imply that I promote all philosophies that may be connected with them, or the full content of the website links I provide. I am simply sharing words with rich meaning. This post is also not meant to be an in-depth word study. Please allow for some poetic license. Thank you!

Photo by Raphael Schaller on Unsplash


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