7 Ways to Relate to Your Customer (Guest Post)

Finding new and innovative ways to connect with your customer is a challenge every business owner faces. With so many moving parts and the ups and downs that come along with business, maintaining a consistently positive customer experiences takes time and effort. One way to relate to your customer, despite the size of your business or industry you’re in, is through personalization.

Most products we use as a consumer aim to cater directly to our interests. The same should go for your small business. What is your customer’s biggest pain point? Or, what interests them the most? Simple shifts in your business can help you better relate and address your customers’ needs in every aspect of the customer experience. Valpak provides 7 helpful ways to personalize your business in their infographic below. Use these actionable tips to make the shift towards a personalized customer experience.

Our thanks to Valpak.com for allowing use of this graphic.


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