Coffee Break Bible Study: John 17-21

Take a pause with God’s word this week!

Read John 17.

What do you glean from Jesus’ prayer to His Father here?

Re-read the prayer, inserting your name where appropriate.

Read John 18.

How did Jesus handle Judas’ betrayal?

What struggles with faith does Peter display here? Are there times you struggle with the same thing?

Read John 19.

Consider the meaning of verse 11. How does Jesus show compassion here?

What touches you about the fact of Jesus bearing His own cross for part of the journey?

Read John 20.

How does Peter approach the tomb?

What do you learn from Jesus’ interaction with Mary Magdalene?

Read John 21.

What would it be like to hear Jesus say to you, “Come and have breakfast”?

How does Jesus’ conversation with Peter encourage or convict you?

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