Weekend R&R (and R, and R, and R)

How do you spend your weekends?

Weekends are unique for each person. For some, it is a time to catch up on errands and housework. For others, it’s a chance to get away and visit with friends and family, or participate in some event. For still others, it’s packed full of kid’s activities like sports games, road races, or birthday parties.

For quite awhile now, I have tried to design my weekends to be for R&R. I’m at a stage in life (empty nesting) where I have more freedom with my schedule and choices. Yet I believe that at any stage, we can give wise consideration to what is truly the healthiest for our families. For some, that means lots of activities. For others, it’s much needed down-time. There is no one-size-fits-all.

Here are some components of weekends that I find myself able to incorporate more often than not, and this is working for me in this season of life. It’s my personal “R&R” plan.

Revere: formal worship time/Sabbath

Weekends are a good time to attend services.  We select the service that works best with any other commitments that particular weekend. Each service time offers its benefits. I’m not sure we have a favorite. Regardless of the time, we like to have a committed time each week for corporate worship and solid Bible teaching.

Rest: dozing; enjoying a less structured schedule

I like to have a spirit of rest and slower pace on the weekends, starting if possible on late Friday afternoon or early evening. I try to avoid writing out a schedule–a typical practice on weekdays– and just move through the day as the Spirit leads. Sometimes I’ll work on something off the “someday” list (tasks with no particular deadline, usually small projects like fixing a piece of jewelry or sewing a button) or will do a catch up load of laundry. Generally though, I make an effort to do home chores and professional work during the week so there is nothing on either task list for the weekend.

I also like to nap on the weekends, sometimes just one day, sometimes both Saturday and Sunday. It just depends on what I need to rest up from, or rest up for!

[callout]And he said to them, “Come away by yourselves to a desolate place and rest a while.” For many were coming and going, and they had no leisure even to eat. Mark 6:31 ESV[/callout]

Reflection: discussions, reviewing for next week

Saturday morning often becomes an extended time of fellowship for my husband and me. It’s nice to move at a leisurely pace and have time for discussion.  Often on Sunday, I review with him any plans for the upcoming week.

Relationships: invested time with family and friends

The weekends give extended time to spend together. Once a month we commit to a “couples night out” with friends. We also try to attend local sports games and try to connect with others for interesting outings or meals together. We don’t book something every weekend, but it’s nice to have at least one or two times a month where we are intentionally investing in friendships.

Recreation: finding fun things to do, exploring

The weekend is a good time to participate in a 5K, take a drive, play disc golf, go on a hike, etc.

Reading: extended time to read books by choice

While I don’t do professional work on the weekends unless it is a scheduled event, I don’t limit the types of books I read to “recreational only.” I read what I feel like enjoying on the weekends, preferably without feeling any sort of pressure or deadline, though.

Restoration/Recuperation: allowing body and mind time to unwind.

Sometimes I’ll attend a class at the Y designed for restoration, or enjoy some time outside. The main thing is to, as much as possible, not have the weekend be characterized by long to-do lists or tight schedules.

My general guidelines:

Other than planned events, I avoid professional desk work on Saturday or Sunday.

I do not do much housework on weekends other than daily tasks such as running the dishwasher and making the bed.

I follow my typical procedure for cooking, but may allow for more elaborate meals or snacks that take more time and provide leftovers for the week ahead. I find that having some food prepped before the week starts helps me stay on better track with eating healthy, but I’m also regularly doing more than one kitchen task at a time during the week too. This makes it an ongoing effort.


Question: What do you do on your typical weekend?


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