Coffee Break Bible Study: Acts 1-5

Congratulations on finishing the Gospels!

Read Acts 1.

Who is the author of Acts? What type of writing do you think he will do?

What do you learn from verse 14?


Read Acts 2.

What would it have been like to be with the believers at Pentecost? How can you enjoy such unity with diversity today?


How does the Holy Spirit help you day by day?


Read Acts 3.

How did the lame man react to being healed?

How does Peter give credit to God? How can you accept praise graciously while also glorifying God?


Read Acts 4.

To what does Peter attribute his power?

What did the disciples do despite being commanded not to speak of Jesus?


Read Acts 5.

What was the main issue with Ananias and Sapphira’s scheme?

What may you be holding back from God? Spend some time in faith releasing it/them to Him.


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