How to Use Canned Email Replies Effectively

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How often do you send the same email response repeatedly?

Perhaps it’s to answer to a question about your products or services.

Or there are people who want to guest post on your blog.

You regularly set up appointments and meetings,

Or you initiate a process (such as an intake form for clients.)

Sound familiar? Then you may need some email templates or as Google calls them, “canned responses.”

Canned responses can save you and your team a lot of time, while still serving those interested in your business. But they must be used with wisdom to be effective. Here are five tips to keep in mind when using canned responses:

Write the initial template thoughtfully.

Write and edit (and edit again) so that the tone comes across the way you wish, and not like a robot. Make sure the information to be conveyed is covered and if applicable, approved by your manager.

Don’t be over-dramatic

While you want to convey information in a warm way, going overboard with flowery language can come across as fake.

Personalize when you can.

Use the canned response as a base to also add something personal, like the person’s name, or a reply to something specific they’ve mentioned that may not be covered in the main body of the template.

Edit as needed.

In correlation with the above, remember to edit the template if there is information that doesn’t apply to the situation.

Review templates regularly.

As your business changes and grows, it’s likely your templates will need to be updated from time to time. Make it a regular task to review and update them so that they don’t become stale or inaccurate.

You can use templates and canned responses effectively if you remember that people don’t want to hear from robots even though they are interested in information.

Need to develop some canned responses? Our team can help you out! Contact me for details. 

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