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Too Busy? Maybe It’s Time for Your Own Virtual Assistant

You’re a busy career professional. The demands of your work take a lot of your attention, and you  can never stay ahead of your personal email.

Or you need your kid’s school calendars merged into yours.

Or you want to make sure that the social media channels you set up for your “side hustle” get populated regularly with valuable information for your customers.

Or you want to find out more about that travel destination for the upcoming family trip.

But you don’t have time.

Maybe you’re ready for your own “Executive Virtual Assistant” — someone you can throw a random task to here and there, without having to provide him/her a guaranteed number of hours per week.

But maybe you are thinking, “I thought virtual assistants were just for business owners and entrepreneurs?”

Think again.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an assistant you can call on? One who could scan and star personal emails you most want to see? One who could make reservations for you? Help you update your LinkedIn profile? Make your haircut appointments? Research information about relocating?  (Yes, we’ve done all that.)

HOPE Unlimited has the perfect plan for you. Our Executive Assistant On-Call package  guarantees you a high-priority spot in our client family without the stress of making sure you have enough work to keep someone busy every week.  Check it out today!  And if you need more convincing, check out this quote via a Forbes article. (Caveat: While these services may provide help for certain tasks, you may be better off building an ongoing relationship with people like us!)

“And if outsourcing means paying for certain services that you can’t perform to the best of your ability, then save your time and energy, Cyndie Spiegel recommends: “In the age of CloudPeeps and Fiverr, you can literally find affordable support for just about anything, from creating a social media graphic to writing copy, to hiring a virtual assistant for daily admin tasks.”

Source: Founder Burnout is Real: 5 Ways to Prevent It


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