Remembering the Old While Enjoying the New

Remember when tree
Used by permission of Golden Years Moving.

If you are willing to indulge one more holiday post (Epiphany is after all, still two days away) I thought it would be fun to share the following.

Over the holidays, I strolled through the Saint Francis Festival of Trees. One tree in particular caught my eye in regard to the workplace. It was a “Remember When” tree sponsored by Golden Years Moving, a small business specializing in helping senior citizens with their relocation needs. It placed second in the business category! Congratulations!

The tree was filled with many items of nostalgia, several of which were items some of us have used in our workplaces years ago. Remember some of these? (Click on the photos and they should enlarge for you.)

Remember when tree 1

remember when tree 2

remember when tree 3



While it’s fun to reminisce, think about how much easier some of our work is with a computer, smart phone, tablet, etc. Yes, I know they bring a lot of problems too, but I think I prefer the things we get to do now compared to even just a few years ago (although I do remember that the IBM Selectric typewriter was way cool!)

As you head into 2016, what new technology or office supplies are you looking forward to using? Maybe you’re ready to take the leap and hire a Collaborative Virtual Assistant! ¬†Virtual Assisting is still a relatively new concept. I have a lot of info on my site, just click here.

OPP: One “pain point” of an overwhelmed professional is feeling buried in work and stress. Sometimes a note of encouragement can come at just the right time. Why not arrange for one yourself? Check out my “Word of Workplace HOPE” opportunity–a simple way to set up a small surprise for yourself or a co-worker. You won’t know when it will arrive and it may just make your day!

Happy 2016!

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