What's coming in the new year!


Thanks to Vertex 42 for the calendar image. They have several images and templates for 2016 here. Click on the image to enlarge.

The turn of a year is a refreshing time to evaluate and polish areas of our lives that may need some changes. As many of you may recall, 2015 was the year of HOPE Unlimited turning 10. It’s been a solid, good year in terms of maturing of my business. I’ve narrowed my focus toward helping overwhelmed professionals and will continue to do so in 2016.  Some ideas that have been percolating in my mind will come out in various ways. Here’s a sneak peek:

  • Focused blog posts:   I’m planning to step up my game with writing and more intentionally address real “pain points” for overwhelmed professionals.
  • Morning distribution of blog posts: Based on a survey in fall of 2015, I experimented with a Monday afternoon distribution of my blog posts. However, stats are showing that Monday morning is still a slightly better time for many of you to receive the posts, so beginning in January, I am switching back to a Monday at 9am EST distribution for those who like to receive it by email.  The post itself will upload at 7am onto the site for early readers. Thanks for letting me help you kick off your work week!
  • The introduction of “Hope.”  We’ll welcome a fictional professional who occasionally visits us to share her journey of overcoming overwhelm. (She may or may not be based on someone I know. <grin>)
  • A new acronym: OPP. In some blog posts, you’ll see an “OPP” which stands for two things–an Overwhelmed Professional Pain Point/Problem and an “OPPortunity” for you to learn ways to overcome that pain point/problem.
  • Increased videos. I’m planning to add to my YouTube channel (and share on the blog) short videos with tips for overwhelmed professionals. (5 or less minutes each.)
  • Blogging on LinkedIn. I’ll be sharing my blog posts directly on my LinkedIn profile  to serve more professionals. Typically, it will be a different day than Mondays.
  • Twitter Tips: I’m planning to share short tips more often via my Twitter page.
  • Lunch and Learns – more details here but basically this is a one-hour soft skills training for local workplaces (or via the web for those farther away.)
  • The next book–I’m working on 52 Tips for Pros on the Go to add to the 52 tips series I’ve been developing and selling on Amazon.
  • Teaching and virtual assisting: I’ll be continuing to teach business soft skill classes and serve several clients as a collaborative virtual assistant.

It would be helpful for me to know one (or more) of your “pain points” as you journey in your career. Would you write and tell me what you’d like me to write about? Many thanks for reading and HAPPY 2016 to you ALL!

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