Coffee Break Bible Study: Colossians 3-5; 1 Thessalonians 1-2 #bgbg2

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Read [biblegateway passage=”Colossians 2″].

What did Paul delight in? (verse 5.)

Write out verses 6-7, applying them personally to you.

Read [biblegateway passage=”Colossians 3″].

How can you set your minds on “things above” today?

What are some characteristics of God’s “chosen people”?

Read [biblegateway passage=”Colossians 4″].

What are some exhortations in this chapter that apply most to you right now?

What do you learn of Paul through his greetings at the end of epistles?

Read [biblegateway passage=”1 Thessalonians 1″].

How can your faith be a light to others around you today?

What type of people do the Thessalonians appear to be?

Read [biblegateway passage=”1 Thessalonians 2″].

What does Paul share about he and the other leaders?

How did the Thessalonians respond to the Gospel?


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