Why I’m Not Reading Through the Bible this Year

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For several years now, I have used a Bible reading plan to read through the entire Bible or the entire New Testament in a year. In 2014, I provided a weekly set of questions to help busy professionals take some time with God’s word. (Here’s a link to all 52 of the posts in case you want to use them to travel through the New Testament this year.) This near-daily Bible reading has become a habit, but this year I’m not reading through the entire Bible (or through one Testament), and here’s why:

I want to go deeper. It’s great to read daily for distance (as my church puts it) but I felt led this year to slow down and absorb what I am reading. This ties in well with my selection of the word “mindful” for my word of the year for 2015.

A through the year plan can become a checklist. Like many busy professionals, I love to check off my to-do list. A daily reading plan can become a checklist, and less like a treasured visit with a friend. I’m sure I’ll still have somewhat of a checklist mentality (I’m not giving up all plans) but staying away from reading through the whole Bible this year may help it become less task oriented. I’ll be able to explore other plans. I use the YouVersion Bible app, (you can find me there as “bbeutler”) and there are so many unique plans on it, that I look forward to exploring some of those.

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It parallels what my church community is doing this year. On December 28, one of our teaching pastors spoke about the reading plan the church was going to use this year. When he first started, I was a little disheartened anticipating another “through the _______ in a year” plan and I didn’t want to feel like I would be missing out. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that the church was recommending a “storyline” approach (check it out here) covering the full story of the Bible but not hitting every book. So this is a confirmation to me about my choice this year.

No matter what your faith tradition, I feel it is valuable to spend some time in the Bible every day that you can, no matter how busy you are at work, if for no other reason than its principles being excellent for business. Apps like YouVersion can help you take your Bible with you. I encourage you to select a Bible reading plan that works for you, and not jump into something you may not feel you can reasonably do.

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How do you take some time each day or each week for Bible reading, study, or some other form of inspiration?

Think about (for reflection alone or discussion with colleagues):

Business Value Key Word:  Inspiration

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Why is it important to take moments each week to receive some inspiration through a source like the Bible or other solid sources of wisdom?

  1. What sources of inspiration do you find most beneficial?
  2. How does taking time to reflect on ancient wisdom help you in your work?
  3. What do the quotes above mean to you? Do you agree or disagree with them?
  4. What one thing will you do this week to get more inspiration into your life?
  5. How is your business/organization being intentionally inspirational to your clients/customers/members?


Here’s a link to a page that contains all 52 blog posts that walk you through the entire New Testament.

Benefit from:

My book, A Light for Your Path, provides a question for each chapter of the Bible. It’s a great way to go a little deeper in your personal reading and it’s designed in a way that allows you to start any time.


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