A New Year, A New Approach

Happy New Year Readers!

I hope as you take some time to reflect back and look forward that you will experience hope and joy. I am grateful…2014 was an exciting year with several blessings and opportunities I didn’t expect.  One of the things I’m thankful for is that this past fall, in good part to having been able to attend the Platform Conference, I felt direction on what HOPE Unlimited should be about in its current chapter.

HOPE turns 10 years old this year (April 20 officially)–Wow! Those who have been with me from the beginning have seen me cover a lot of topics and I trust, be a source of biblical encouragement as well as practical tips.  I’ve been helping office and overwhelmed professionals excel all along, but often my topics were quite eclectic. I now feel directed to streamline HOPE from “Helping Other People Excel” to “Helping Overwhelmed Professionals Excel.” This is my “new” (well maybe more focused),  mission going into the new year:

“I am a virtual assistant, consultant, author and speaker. I help principle-centered yet overwhelmed professionals maximize their time, connect well with others, and take charge of their priorities so they can excel and enjoy bringing hope and value to the world around them.”

This is coming about in part due to my increased activity as a virtual (and when appropriate, local) assistant and consultant as well as opportunities to lead workshops and continue writing.

I’ll still be providing helpful content via the blog, but I’ll be being more strategic about the topics, to make sure they provide practical help for busy professionals while still retaining alignment with biblically-harmonious principles on which this business–and the organizations of many I work with and for–is built.

I’ll be experimenting with blogging once a week, sending you a comprehensive post early Monday mornings that will be made up of the following components:

  • Take a Look: thoughts and practical help toward “overcoming overwhelm” (and whatever else I feel like sharing.)
  • Engage: a question inviting you to comment or engage with the online community in discussion on the blog or social media
  • Think About: a business value “keyword” such as integrity, intentionality, compassion, etc. a Scripture, a quote and three to five questions for personal reflection or discussion with colleagues.
  • Remember: links to resources or past blog posts that will complement the post
  • Benefit from: link to a product or service I offer, a recommendation of someone you should know or follow, or a post by another writer that I think is beneficial.

I’ll also continue the monthly “5 on the 15th” as a quick list of tips and links to valuable content you may want to visit (or re-visit.)


Would you please do one or more of the following?

  1. Share my content with others. Encourage people to join the email list to receive a free printable (current subscribers can get it here.) Tweet, share and pin my posts.
  2. Drop me a line. Let me know what topics concern you as an overwhelmed professional. Tell me what you want to see more (and less of) in the blog. Share a tip or idea.
  3. When you shop at Amazon, link through my blog first. Save it in your favorites and search for your first item using the box in the sidebar.
  4. Engage.  Let’s help each other by participating in discussions at the blog or via my social media channels. I’ll be sharing the posts in various places and you’ll have opportunity to give your opinion and ideas regarding the weekly question wherever it’s most convenient for you.
  5. Surprise HOPE with a “Happy 10 Years” birthday gift of $10 (or more) from time to time in 2015.  If you’ve enjoyed my blog/social media posts and free resources through the years, this is a great way to show your support. I don’t have a formal “membership site” anymore, but enjoy continuing to provide content that will help you. Any gifts will be considered income to me and taxes will be paid on them. They are not tax deductible. Send your check made out to HOPE Unlimited to PO Box 80424, Simpsonville, SC 29680. 10% of all birthday gifts will be donated to a non profit organization such as Life In Abundance, which offers counseling and coaching to women who may be feeling overwhelmed in some way. I serve on the board of this organization.


Let’s strap in and enjoy what great things are coming in 2015 during this 10th year anniversary of HOPE Unlimited. Starting next Monday, there will be some helpful posts on helping you overcome overwhelm! See you then!



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