Coffee Break Bible Study: John 8-12

For former Coffee Break Bible studies, visit the elevate page. We are traveling through the New Testament throughout all of 2014 but you can jump in anytime!

Why do I provide Coffee Break Bible studies? I know that many of you are busy professionals, and sometimes time to spend in God’s Word can seem elusive. Coffee Break Bible studies are meant to provide you a way to dip into God’s Word during the short pauses in your life, such as coffee and lunch breaks.

Read John 8.

What do you learn about Jesus about how He handled the situation with the adulteress?

What does it mean to “abide in His word?” verse 31.

Read John 9.

In verse 3, Jesus explains why the man is undergoing hardship. Do you ever consider your hardships as opportunities to bring glory to God? What hardship may you be currently facing that could bring Him glory?

How did the man show courage after being healed?

Read John 10.

What does Jesus mean when He says He is the “Door?” (verse 9)

Ponder verse 27. What does it mean to you to hear Jesus’ voice?

Read John 11.

What part of the story of Lazarus touches you most? Why might that be?

Write out verse 25 with gratefulness.

Read John 12.

Why do you think Mary annointed Jesus?

How do you think Jesus handled what would be a temporary time of being praised? How does this help you in considering times when you may be praised?

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