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[slideshare id=”33763587″]A contact of mine shared: “I read the blog of a professional which has great content but often contains errors. An editor would make his blog one of the best in my industry.”

Are you that busy professional whose presentation online has a few “scratches and dents” since you are pressed for time? Do you have projects you wish would move forward, but because of all the details, are afraid to tackle? A virtual assistant can help!

The working world is changing. While there are still many organizations and companies following the traditional path of on-site employees, many companies have ventured into allowing workers to telecommute, and some have created their teams through self-employed contractors such as virtual assistants. Technological advances have melted the miles between colleagues, making it possible for people to work together even if they are thousands of miles away from each other.

Well-known blogger and former CEO Michael Hyatt has written a book about the value of these workers (I’ve added it to my recommendations page) as well as an informative blog post on the topic.

Today, I am using this post to announce officially my availability as a virtual assistant, the details of which are available on the slide show above and also on the services page at my website. Please go to these resources for more details such as specific services and pricing.

Now, on to the post. Here are three ways a virtual assistant may be the answer you are looking for.

Virtual assistants provide:

Flexibility. Many leaders have projects they would like to see done but have a hard time justifying hiring a permanent part-time or full-time employee. A virtual assistant can work just a few hours a month, and even just for a season. Imagine having a qualified professional be available when you hit a crunch time or need progress made on a non-urgent but important project. She has her own equipment, takes care of her own taxes and overhead, and you get focused work done.

Objectivity. Several virtual assistants screen email and phone calls for busy business owners who cannot afford a full (or part) time on-site executive assistant. There can be an advantage to your assistant not being on-site, neck deep in the workings of the organization everyday. A virtual assistant can focus on representing the company in your electronic or phone communications after having had clear instructions from you. He doesn’t get distracted by all the group interactions and other tasks that your on-site staff need to focus on. He can even give you feedback from an “outsiders” point of view.

Adaptability. Virtual assistants have a variety of skills. Some specialize in certain types of projects (i.e. web site development) while others bring a well-rounded wealth of experiences to the table. They can assist you with polishing your online content, managing your calendar, screening your email, creating your newsletter/customer communications, researching, planning events and travel, and many more tasks. In some cases, you’ll find a very talented jack-of-all-trades which may be just what you need for those few hours a month, to take care of all those little loose ends that slip away from you while you pursue your calling and build your business.

If your support staff is overwhelmed, or you’re noticing important items you are letting slip through the cracks, but you’re concerned about hiring someone on-site permanently (with all the associated costs and concerns) consider learning more about hiring a virtual assistant. It doesn’t have to be me. There are reputable firms you can investigate, as well as many independent contractors available. Find the fit for YOU!

I invite you to look over my specific information, and if it resonates with you, contact me for a free, no obligation consultation. Use the contact page to get started!

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