Why It’s Important NOT to Capture Every Special Moment

It was a Monday morning after a snowy/icy weekend. (Well, snowy for us, anyway.) We get the occasional snow storm in the upstate of SC. Since we live “south of 85” we tend to get less than those living north of the interstate. But even so, we had some, and I enjoyed looking out the window that morning…especially since there were deer in view.

It’s not unusual to see deer on our property, but I never tire of it, and it’s not a regular occurrence to see them well from the house during the day.

I ran to get my camera. And in those moments, the deer became less visible because they headed farther into the woods.

I watched for a while longer, and got to see a large deer get up from being bedded down. Wow. It originally appeared like a pile of leaves! That was cool!

I never got a good shot with the camera, so all I shared on my IG stories was the importance of NOT always capturing photos for social media. (Ironic, I know.)

It makes me wonder, though, how important it really is to capture so many things on camera?

Many businesses make use of Instagram and Instagram stories to promote their work. I can understand that. I haven’t personally seen my business grow a lot from this type of sharing though.

It’s probably different for businesses that sell more tangible products than I do. Each business owner has to decide for themselves what the return on investment is for taking photos for social media, and it could change over time.

But whether for business or personal reasons, as we go through our days, are we more concerned about documenting a moment than experiencing it? Are we trying to impress others with how well our business is doing, instead of just spending time doing the work?

It’s a delicate balance…worth considering from time to time. Otherwise, we may miss enjoying the deer in the woods around us while we run to find the camera.

While I wish I could say the photo is mine, image by Alexandr Ivanov from Pixabay

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