Five Finger Reminders for a Healthy Day (Even at Work)

Healthy habits are important to build our stamina and increase our productivity. Inspired by my friend and Wellness Practitioner Audrey Christie, the Wholebeing RN,  (from whom I received some of these ideas) here are some “Five Finger” reminders for a healthy day. Many of these you can do at work!

Using one word per finger, you can remind yourself of easy, healthy practices that will help you enjoy your day.


Be still. Pray. Meditate. Focus.

Read something inspirational and uplifting.

Write in a gratitude journal.

Eat only when you’re hungry.

Stop eating when you’re satisfied.

Eat something that grows naturally.

Interact with animals or children.

Spend a few moments outdoors.

Breathe. Breathe. Breathe some more.

Drink a little more water.

Take a long way around.

Pay attention, listen, be present.

Move and stretch every hour.

Do a kind thing. Repeat.

Challenge your mind and mindset.

Take some time to rest.

Plan intentionally for productive sleep.

What would you add to this list? 

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