What I'd Look for in a Social Media Manager

CA-social media.jpgTo begin…a personal confession: I’ve been on social media for about 7 years now. It’s a way of life for many–it certainly is part of mine and my business. But it has also probably been the single biggest contributor to my struggles with anxiety. Without going into lots of detail, suffice to say that certain posts or topics have the possibility of  “triggering” my mind to go down into worrisome, unsettled, and unhappy paths.

While knowing social media is not good for me all the time, I love parts of it. The lively and respectful conversations. The helpful hints. Praises for local businesses. Learning about fun activities. Being able to greet someone in person a little more warmly because I recently saw their post on social media. Trying to be an encourager of others. And, using it both for my own business and for those I support in business. So, I’ll not leaving it any time soon.

So what’s this professional–and human being–supposed to do? How do I balance the good with the not so good?

I’ve decided to start by creating a job description for a “social media manager”–for Beth Beutler. What would I look for if I were hiring someone to do my social media for me?


Title: Personal Social Media Manager

Objective: to use the tool of social media to improve the lives of readers, specifically overwhelmed professionals

Skills and attitudes desired:

  • Creativity
  • Writing skills
  • Ability to maintain objective distance
  • Positive outlook
  • Desire to Collaborate and build friendly relationships
  • Focused, able to control distractions

Specific roles/anti-roles

Dialog prompter, but not cultural commentator: Shares thought-provoking questions that are not directly related to whatever the latest trending gossip is.

Helper, not savior: Shares items that can be of service, primarily to overwhelmed professionals, but also to people in general. Does not feel the need to encourage every person who expresses a need or a prayer request, yet does provide support at times.

Boundary keeper, not nosy Nellie: does not click on links that she knows cover topics that will make her depressed, angry, scared, or nervous, or otherwise fall into negative emotion. Refuses to engage in pointless dialog where each side is very set in their ways.

Bearer of good news/not complainer: makes a point to share positive observations and news and rarely uses social media to whine or complain

Positive influence, not political strategist: generally refrains from sharing her political opinion but uses the energy instead to see good in our country and pray for our country’s leaders

Self-indulgent, not selfie-indulgent: has fun sharing occasional updates of her activities or even her photo, but keeps the ratio of selfies to a degree where “less is more.”

Bridge–not wall–builder: Considers each post’s ability to build, rather than tear down relationships and people and to connect people to other people and services and information that would truly benefit or bless them.

Implementer not infuser: carries out client’s wishes for their social media without feeling the need to absorb all that information into her own thought processes.

Specific Duties

Create meaningful, entertaining, and friendly content.

Filter all posts through the following criteria before posting:

  1. Will this post contribute toward positive relationships?
  2. Will this post invite healthy dialog even if people disagree?
  3. Is the information to be shared true/verified?
  4. Have I shared too many posts already today?
  5. Is there a reasonable balance of what I’ve shared about my personal life vs. what can be helpful to others?

And other duties as assigned. 🙂

Most job descriptions are fluid, as is this one. But I like where my mind is headed on this.

Now you: What would you want in a social media manager for your personal social media channels?


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