10 Tips to Help You Need Less Sick Time

Cough. Sore throat. Low-grade fever. Should you go to work?

Let’s face it. Nearly everyone gets sick here and there and needs to take a sick day from their job (or allow themselves a low-key day if they run a business from home.)

But there are things you can do to boost your immune system to reduce the need for sick time in the first place. Here are a few tips, many of which have been working for me. (Please note…I am not a medical professional so please always consider your unique makeup, advice from your health care provider, etc. before adopting a regimen.)

Sleep and rest. Find out what you need in terms of hours per night and block off that time more nights than not. Take a day off each week from your regular routine of “rush rush get things done” and take a nap if you can. The world will survive.

Consider using essential oils. I use oils from a variety of manufacturers. I diffuse some in the bedroom at night and we also apply topically. There is lots of information on this…research for yourself. (I don’t sell them directly, but have added some of my favorites to my Amazon store.)

Eat an 80/20 diet (as in 80% whole foods and 20% processed, not 80% fast food and 20% dessert.) Unless you are ultra-disciplined, you probably can’t avoid processed foods altogether. It actually seems to work better for me to have some processed foods once in a while. But over time my diet has become more and more whole food based and I haven’t seemed to get sick much. I’m a regular subscriber to Blue Apron boxes, which allows me to get more whole foods into my diet. (If you are interested in a free box, contact me.)

Drink a lot of water. Start carrying water everywhere you go and sip throughout the day. My son gave me a fantastic flask for my birthday.  This is the BEST flask I’ve ever carried. It amazes me how the water stays cold all day even if it’s been sitting in a hot vehicle. It’s my go-to flask to keep by my bed at night so I have refreshing water to drink when I first get up, and to leave in the car to sip on throughout the day. (Interested? It’s in the Amazon store too.)

Consider taking supplements. I’m becoming more of a believer in getting your vitamins from food first, but I’ve taken some sort of supplements for years as well. Find what works for you…it may take some experimenting, but it can cooperate with a healthy eating plan.

Get probiotics in. I take a probiotic supplement every night before going to bed, plus use Kefif and Greek yogurt regularly. Studies have shown the value of good “gut bacteria” and I don’t seem to get sick very much since doing starting this regimen.

Exercise. Right now, I track steps daily and find that this is a good way to get in exercise rather than having formal, intensive workout plans. I’m also trying to stand more often during the day. Exercise has lots of benefits, including boosting your mood and immune system.

Develop a thankful and generous spirit. Sometimes I’m around people who have an “Eeyore” mentality and don’t even realize it. Their words, body language, and expressions give off a spirit of frustration, sadness, etc. I’m not discounting emotional issues that need to be dealt with. But in general, if we realize how very much we have, instead of what we feel entitled to, we can become happier, and possibly healthier.

Feed your spiritual life. Spend time to build your faith and realize life is much bigger than just about you. A widened perspective can energize us to diminish focus on not feeling so well.

Get help–and take that sick day–when you need it. Whether it be medical, emotional, or educational help or coaching to help you go forward positively–realize when it may be time to bring in a professional.  For example, I’m on the board for Life In Abundance that offers biblical-based counseling and coaching. I also provide services as a virtual assistant/consultant to help you stay on track with projects and business plans and alleviate some of your stress! And, if you feel sick, take a sick day!

A few healthy habits can help toward building your immune system and perhaps reduce the number of sick days you need to take. And employers, the following infographic from Sure Payroll shows YOU why it’s wise to offer paid sick time to your team.

Now you: What steps do you take to keep your immune system stronger?



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