Questions a Visit to Cabela's Brought to Mind

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Cabela’s recently opened in our neck of the woods (pun intended) so one Saturday morning I went with my outdoorsy husband and father-in-law to check it out and purchase a needed item.

I’ll have to say I was very impressed.

Cabela’s is a cool store to visit and provides a certain kind of feel that could be described a bit like Americana. We arrived just a few minutes before opening, and there was a line wrapping around the fence. But this wasn’t a line of impatient people. They were happy, kind, in good moods, not invading personal space, and didn’t run each other over when the doors opened.

Even within the store where certain things were popular, people weren’t rude getting what they came for. Lots of employees were there to help and they had clearly marked areas in place to handle the possibility of lines getting long. People were waiting patiently to see the guest actor who was there, I assume, to generate buzz. They were not pushing and shoving–just waiting with seemingly no stress.

I observed a kid with a face of joy as he stood by a fake campfire. Other children were having a ball with the “pop” sound of a toy gun. A lady relaxed in the comfy chairs by the fireplace, using her computer. I assumed she was waiting on others shopping. She appeared to be in no rush for them to get done.

Visiting the store was more than an errand. It is an experience, created by the beautifully decorated environment, the special treats like fudge (which I was there too early to enjoy–next time!) and the availability of clothing and equipment that calls out to the organic and long-time, passed down pastimes of many Americans such as hunting, fishing, and camping.

My guess is that people who enjoy stores like Cabelas are the kinds of people who can spend hours in a tree stand, on a boat with a fishing pole, or by a fire with a cup of coffee or some s’mores. They’ve learned that rushing is not all it’s cracked up to be, and there’s not need to do so when you are shopping, either.

Quite refreshing, actually.

So now to ask myself…

1) How am I creating a refreshing environment for the people I interact with?

2) Do people feel hurried or rushed when they are around me?

3) Do people feel they are the center of my attention during the moments I am spending with them?

4) What can I learn if I slow down and enjoy God’s creation more often?

5) Am I serving others with the same type of attention I want to receive as a customer?

[callout]He leads me beside still waters. 3 He restores my soul. Psalm 23:2-3[/callout][biblegateway passage=”Psalm 23″]

How about you?

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