MORE Freebies…and a Limited Time Offer

I hope you’ve been enjoying this “month of giving” to kick off the new year. Today I want to share three more freebies with you:

  • Unlock the Doors to a Peaceful Work Day – a free mini-course with five keys to putting together a less stressful workday.
  • HOPE Unlimited’s Instagram page:  @helpingpros provides strategies and encouragement through photos, graphics, videos and IG stories specifically for helping you excel and exhale at work.
  • Free strategy session: I offer a free 30-minute strategy session to anyone who would like some ideas to reduce their stress at work and/or information about the various services we offer to help you do just that!  Pick a time slot here! 

I’ve been sharing about Refresh, a new membership where I help you “take a break that works.”  You can click here for all the details, but the essence is that I provide simple worksheets (that can easily fit in planners) that help you take a few meaningful moments in your busy day.  Normally, this membership is $5 a month, which gets you the full packet emailed from me.

But for a limited time, to celebrate the launch of this program, you can become a Refresh member for ONLY $3.50 a month…permanently.

After Jan 31, the price goes back up to $5 a month and I’m not planning to offer it at this introductory price again (at least not anytime soon.)  As long as your account stays current, you’ll receive the full Refresh bundle (with 10 or more activity sheets per month) via a direct email from us (not a third party mailing list) at the beginning of each month (but you always have the right to cancel.)

I hope you’ll join me as a member of HOPE Unlimited this year!



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