How to Refresh Yourself – And Why (and More Freebies)

As an overwhelmed professional, you need times of refreshment. You may be disciplined about taking some time off each week (i.e. on weekends, or a scheduled day off.)

But what about DURING your work day?

I’m not suggesting you take your focus off work for a lengthy amount of time — that wouldn’t be fair to your employer (or yourself, if you are self-employed.)

But I do think that moments of refreshment can re-energize you and help you dive back into the task at hand.

For example, I’m writing this while at a favorite co-working spot, after having taken a brisk walk on a windy day in our city. I stopped to listen to a musician strumming and singing by the Clemson tree, a remnant of the holiday season. (See the #30secondsofhope video of the musician on our Instagram page.)  But that 20 minutes or so revitalized me before coming back and writing this blog post.

So how about you? What moments of refreshment do you add to your day?

To help you along, and to continue our theme on freebies and affordable resources, here are three more for you to consider.

  1. The HOPE playlist on Spotify. This is a collection of songs that I like and that others have suggested, all tying into the theme of HOPE. There’s a wide variety here.
  2. The @helpingpros Instagram page. On a regular basis, I post tips, photos, and stories to encourage you in your professional life, like the one mentioned above.
  3. Refresh – each month, I offer a new packet of activities that can fit in a planner or be carried easily to work to help you take a meaningful, but short, break. A free sampler is offered, but the monthly membership — at only $5 a month — gets the full packet sent to you via email from me.

I mentioned six other freebies/resources here and here. Check them out as you build your toolbox of resources for the new year!



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