Coffee Break Bible Study: Luke 12-16

These studies are provided to help you stay in God’s Word during your busy week.  We are travelling through the entire New Testament in 2014. To view the other Coffee Break Bible studies, visit the elevate page.


Read Luke 12.

In what areas of your life do you struggle with hypocrisy?

Why should we not worry?

Read Luke 13.

How does the word picture of the kingdom of God being like a “mustard seed” speak to you?

Why is following Christ like walking through a narrow gate?

Read Luke 14.

How did Jesus respond to the rule not to heal on the Sabbath?

Think through verse 27 in relation to your life.

Read Luke 15.

Think about verse 10 and how God rejoiced over you!

What stands out to you regarding the parable of the lost son?

Read Luke 16.

Why is it important for us to be faithful in our work for others?

What can you apply from verse 15 to your outlook on life?

Please use and share these studies! hope leaves
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