Coffee Break Bible Study: 2 Timothy 4; Titus 1-3; Philemon #bgbg2

Read [biblegateway passage=”2 Timothy 4″].

What are some of the thing that Paul specifically said to Timothy that you can take to heart today?

What do you learn about some of the personal things Paul shared at the end of the chapter?

Read [biblegateway passage=”Titus 1″].
Who was Titus?

Why did Paul leave Titus in Crete?

Read [biblegateway passage=”Titus 2″].
What are some specific instructions regarding various age groups?

What are principles that “slaves” were to follow that could apply to employer/employee relationships today?

Read [biblegateway passage=”Titus 3″].
How should we treat those in authority?

How does verse 7 bring focus to you today?

Read [biblegateway passage=”Philemon”].
What is the overall focus of the short book?

What kind of person do you think Onesimus was?


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