Coffee Break Bible Study: 2 Corinthians 1-5 #bgbg2

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Read [biblegateway passage=”2 Corinthians 1″].
After reading verses 3 and 4, what do you learn and feel about receiving and giving comfort?

In verse 12, what does Paul say? How can you conduct yourself in good conscience today?

Read [biblegateway passage=”2 Corinthians 2″].
What do verses 5-11 teach about forgiveness?

How can you be the “aroma of Christ” to someone today? (verse 15)

Read [biblegateway passage=”2 Corinthians 3″].
What gives us boldness?

What should we experience in Christ?

Read [biblegateway passage=”2 Corinthians 4″].
What does it meant that we are “jars of clay” (verse 7)?

How do verses 16-18 encourage you?

Read [biblegateway passage=”2 Corinthians 5″].
Write out verse 7 a few times.

What part can you play in the “ministry of reconciliation? (verse 16)


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