Coffee Break Bible Study: 1 Corinthians 12-16 #bgbg2

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Read [biblegateway passage=”1 Corinthians 12″].

This chapter is about the various gifts that are given to believers. What might your gift(s) be?


How does this chapter contribute to the idea of teamwork?


Read [biblegateway passage=”1 Corinthians 13″].

This is a popular chapter about love. How can you apply its principles to your work today?


Write out the “love is_____” verses. Consider placing your name in the place of “love.” Does this describe you?


Read [biblegateway passage=”1 Corinthians 14″].

What is important if we are gifted in ways others may not understand?


Why was order in church important to Paul?


Read [biblegateway passage=”1 Corinthians 15″].

What important concept is discussed in this chapter?


Are there any negative attitudes in your life that you need to resurrect into life giving ones?

Read [biblegateway passage=”1 Corinthians 16.”]

Ponder verse 13 (women can apply this too.) What stands out to you?


What does it mean to have the “grace of the Lord Jesus” on us?



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