Breath of Hope: I’m Tired of Blogging

Happy New Year, friends!

I start this year with a confession to you. I’m tired of blogging.

As I worked on the January Breath of Hope web page, I continued to feel behind.  November / December was challenging with illness, changed holiday plans (we are finally having our extended family Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year’s dinner tomorrow), activity on major projects–including technology shifts, unexpected (but good) news that may contribute to some life change, etc.  I came to realize that in some ways, some of my blogging and content production had become a burden more than a joy.  I need a new vision for the content I offer.

Conventional business wisdom, at least in the years I was first building my business, said that we business owners should blog regularly, and very consistently.  From January 2014 (and probably even before this “new” website) I have done that. There hasn’t been a month since where at least one blog post hasn’t gone out (I checked.)  And while I love to inspire and encourage people to excel and exhale, I’m a bit burned out.

So, what to do? As a person of faith, I’ve recently re-affirmed to myself that God is the CEO of my business and I am the managing director.

I’m starting to listen more to what He is guiding me to do. I feel like He is suggesting that I release myself from rigid blogging and a full web page of tips and giveaways ready on the first of each month.  Instead, why not just a friendly letter like this, updating you on what I’m learning, what tips could help us all, and freebies I want to give you?  Also, since I’m very active on social media, and have an engaged following, I’m having fun sharing about life, work, Turbo my personal (and office) cat (he’s much bigger already), etc. on Instagram and Facebook on a near-daily basis, in more casual and visual ways. (Join me there?)

Even though I’m a bit weary, I don’t want to stop communicating with you, and bringing you value. It will just look a little different for a while at least. I still plan to reach out about once a month, on or around the first to provide you freebies such as the following. (Click on the titles to download) and share my own journey to becoming a less overwhelmed professional (and person.)

January Hope Hints Sheet  (printable version of the Hope Hints calendar mentioned below.)

A Weekly Reflection Sheet (to help you keep track of your personal/professional growth)

I’ve also decided to offer two Google calendars free. Just click to subscribe to them on your own Google calendar. (Content will appear on top of each day as an “all-day” event.)

Note: to subscribe, please do so on a desktop, and after adding the calendar, refresh the page to see it in your list of calendars (left column.) Click the checkbox on or off if you want to see the calendar item on your main calendar or not.  You may also need to select/sync to your phone’s Google calendar in order to see it.

Hope Hints – daily tip for overwhelmed professionals

Today’s Name of God – a daily name of God, (open the “appointment” to see corresponding Scripture)

Additionally, here are links to some helpful past posts for each of our four keystones:

Habits and Values50 Ways to Take a 5-Minute Break

Organization and Time/Stress Management:  Making Notifications Work for You

People Skills and Emotional Intelligence:  How Do You Handle Difficult Feedback? 

Engagement and Communication:  A Full Voice Mailbox May Mean Lost Business

Over time, I’ll be updating the website to reflect this new direction. We won’t be having a monthly page on the website itself, but I plan to make some resources centrally available.  By putting the links directly on the post, you’ll be able to obtain your freebies even more quickly. I need time to think it all through, and I’m going to give myself the grace and time I need to do this well.

In what area of life do you need to give yourself a little grace? Typically, January is the time to set goals and make big plans. If this is done with an unrealistic attitude, we’ll feel defeated before we know it.  Just like I’m learning to regroup and seek clarity toward what is sustainable, I encourage you to do the same. And if you want to talk about it, perhaps a soft skill strategy session would be helpful (first 30 minutes free!)

Here’s to the new year of clear vision (yes, I went there, like so many others) in 2020,


PS: If you ever want to buy me a cup of coffee, I won’t refuse it. Click here.

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