A New Kitten – 31 Hints – and more

Welcome to August! While for many, there are still plenty of “dog days of summer” left, there’s also a good deal of prepping for the fall. I don’t have to do school shopping anymore, but even back in July I saw people shopping for school supplies. And organizations/businesses are already thinking about routines and initiatives for the turn of the season.

This month’s freebie is a list of daily tips for the month of August. Perhaps some of these will inspire and encourage you as you craft your routines and choices going into the “second new year” of 2019.

July was a month of upheaval in some ways – some everyday things changed including the unexpected rescue of a kitten.  My husband retrieved him out of the engine compartment of a car at work, and for the foreseeable future, he has a home with us. We didn’t expect to have any more pets for awhile, then Winkie started hanging out at our house, and Turbo came along.  We don’t know how long term this two-cat relationship will be, so we are taking it one day at a time!  You can follow the adventures of our cats on Instagram under the hashtag #beutlercats

Last month’s poll was about favorite office supplies.  The top three favorites were technology, writing utensils and personal items.

This month, the poll is about how many hours a week you work. I’m using a new format that lets you see the results right away.

Be sure to visit the August Freebies, Features and Fun page to get your tips, click on the poll, and see other helpful info.

Have a great month and stay cool!

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