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A Full Voice Mail Box May Mean Lost Business

Have you ever called a business and received the recording, “The recipient’s voice mailbox is full”?

Uh oh.

That’s bad news for a business or organization that is trying to have a relationship with customers or potential clients.

A full mailbox is a “barrier to entry” for your customers, and it’s a competitive world. If they can’t get the information or answers they seek from you, they will probably go elsewhere.

How much business have you lost because someone couldn’t leave you a message?

Why do mailboxes even fill up? One main reason. We’re afraid to delete messages.

Maybe we think we will need the message later or will use the voice mail as a reminder to call people.

There is a better way.

Think of your voice mailbox as a bridge to relationships, not a filing cabinet.  (Just like your snail mailbox … you don’t keep all your daily mail there, do you?)

Listen to a voice mail message, and if you can’t answer right then, at least put the info into a task management system (i.e. under “to call”) and once it’s safely captured, delete the message from your phone. Some voice mail systems may allow you to email the transcript to yourself, or if you have voice mail that transcribes, you could take a screenshot and email it so you can put it into a task management system instead.

Whatever system you come up with, keep that voice mailbox from filling up. You never know what great customer or donor just called someone else because they couldn’t leave you a message.

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