Three Words of Advice that Have Guided Me for Years

Dear Member of the HOPE Family,

Thanks for asking me for some advice as about your career. I know you have aspirations to advance in your field…let me give you some advice that was given to me years ago when my career faced a major transition.

Walk. The. Path.

There’s a lot packed in those words.  Let’s take a look.

Walk – not run. Stay in step with the journey and don’t rush ahead. As a person of faith, I believe God is leading me day by day, and it’s easy to be tempted to run ahead. But that’s not what is best. Learn and absorb all you can, even while walking forward.

The – not “a” path, but “the” path for you. Everyone has a unique career journey. You will interact with different people than I do, have varied experiences, and walk through both successes and failures. Don’t compare your journey with anyone else’s. Embrace your own, but also be on the lookout for others you can bless on the path.

Path – paths are sometimes smooth, sometimes straight, sometimes winding, sometimes rocky. Just walk it. Look ahead sometimes, to see what bends are coming, or sense if the elevation is changing, so you can adjust your approach and pace yourself; but don’t “live” around the bend. Stop and breathe when you need to. But whatever you do, be a rock star and conduct yourself out of a foundation of character and values at the point of the path where you are. Your reputation will follow you. Do the entry level job with the same commitment you would the type of job you aspire for … that will help you climb mountains in the future.

I went on a very difficult overnight hike with my husband, son and a friend some time ago. If I’d know what the trail would be like beforehand, I probably would not have gone.  It was technically beyond what I could do for the current shape I was in. But I did it. One step, one breath, one stop then one go–and one exasperated frown at a time.  Did I enjoy it all? Not totally. But it was good for me, and I proved to myself that I can do harder things than I think.

Your career path may not always be easy. But it can have its glorious moments. And it’s unique to you. Walk the path before you, with grace, appreciation and enthusiasm.

Stay hopeful,


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