Quick Tips for Organizing Your Cash

You do it for the money, right?

Oh, I know you work to serve. To use your gifts. To fulfill a calling.

But deep down, “make a living” or “bring home some money” IS a key reason you have a job, right?

It’s okay to admit it.

And managing that money takes some savvy thinking, much more than the intent of this blog and blog post–it’s not a money management blog. For that, feel free to visit Crown Ministries or Financial Peace for great resources.

I’m here instead to help you with a few practical tips for organizing that money-related stuff you carry around every day…the stuff that clutters your wallet or purse, or the console of your car.

Tip 1:  Consider using separate change purses, money clips or sections of a wallet as an “envelope system.”

Keep your most used cards in a handy part of the wallet and consolidate less frequently used cards into another section or even a separate change purse or clip. That way you don’t have to sort through a pile of membership/debit/credit/health/library cards to get to the ones you use most. Keep cash for personal expenditures, gas, eating out, groceries, etc. in separate sections. I use a wallet from Savvy Cents designed for this purpose.

Tip 2: Have a set place to put your receipts, either in the wallet or in the same section of your purse.

Put your receipts in the SAME place every time. Enough said.

 Tip 3: Empty your wallet when you get home.

Well, not all of it. Just take out the day’s receipts and coins and store accordingly. For example, I put receipts in my monthly receipt box and take loose change and put it in a container for myself or the household, depending on how the original cash was spent. (I keep the cash in separate pouches.) Then, every few months, I use the coin machine at the credit union to deposit the money back into our accounts.

Tip 4: Refill your wallet as necessary.

I try to live guided by a budget so I have a certain amount of cash for spending each month. I choose not to carry the entire month’s cash at once, so I replenish as necessary when cleaning out my wallet. Once a week, I replenish a couple of sections with cash as a sort of “mini” paycheck.

If you get in the habit of cleaning out your wallet/purse regularly, before long it will be second nature.

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