On Starting Blogging Again – with No Limits

speed limitI haven’t blogged for nearly a year.

I can’t say that I blame the pandemic, although that may have influenced my decision a bit.

I just got tired after years of very consistent blogging and needed a break from the self-imposed discipline of getting a post out on a regular basis.

Like most of you reading this, I’ve also grown and changed some in the last year.  I finished writing a book, which should be coming out this month or next.  I spent a LOT of time at home.  I experienced a whole lot of mental gymnastics.  I tweaked my business model. And I struggled with figuring out what to do with this circle of influence God has given me.

I believe God has gifted me in creativity and various modes of communication, including writing. Today (April 8 when written) I turn 55, and He’s impressed upon me that the number doesn’t have to be like a speed limit – there is no limit to what He can do in and through me for as long as He keeps me on this earth.  One thing I know He wants me to do in this season is write, in the unique way He’s crafted me to do so.  You see, I’m not a writer who gets involved in writing groups (which can be great!) or sneaks away for hours at a time to write (I get bored too easily for that) or markets books in a typical way (yes, I have one coming out, and yes, I’m writing in part so you can be aware of it but I won’t be doing some of the traditional, sometimes “hype-y” marketing things.)

So, instead, welcome to HOPE Hints, an eclectic collection of helpful suggestions and information loosely organized within the following topical framework:

  • H – Holy Living –  developing spiritually, guided by a non-denominational, others-focused, biblical view of life and work
  • O – Orderly Thinking – thinking well in all aspects of life, including processing subjects appropriately, managing time effectively, and living in a fruitful, productive way
  • P –  People Skills – modeling kindness, communicating constructively, managing interaction wisely 
  • E –  Emotional Intelligence – understanding our internal self, reading others well, practicing balanced self-care, enjoying life.

I’ll be creating the blog as the spirit leads, and those who subscribe will receive it by email at random times. The content may be in mixed media – writing, video, images – whatever feels right at the time. It will be pithy, quick and easy to read, and hopefully, a lot of fun.

If it’s not for you, no worries – you can stop reading, or unsubscribe.  Or maybe you’d rather get my content through my active social media channels (I’m on all of the major ones – content may vary on each channel. I use this one specifically for regular hints.)

But if you want to receive easily digestible thoughts, and updates from me, stay with me, and let’s pursue excellence together. (That motto, by the way, changed since the last time I blogged.)



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