Is Your Professional Life Moving forward, Stagnating, or Retreating?

No matter where you are in your career, you are either moving forward, staying stagnant, or retreating.  Where is your professional life right now?

Moving forward doesn’t have to mean you are seeking a promotion or have a “big hairy audacious goal” of hitting a certain income in your business. It CAN simply mean that you are maturing in your approach to work, finding balance, giving your best and continually learning. If you are in this stage, you need to:

  • Make sure you still take breaks
  • Develop relationships with like-minded people
  • Stay current with trends and info about your industry.

Your professional life is stagnating occurs when there is very little, or no, movement at all. Perhaps you’ve been in the same position for years, and while you may be comfortable with the routine, you haven’t really learned anything. If this is occurring, try:

  • Learning tips and techniques to make you more productive
  • Investigating other positions that can use your skill set
  • Join a networking group to meet others in your industry.

You are retreating when you lose interest in your work or even start to develop a sour attitude. If that is where you are you may need:

  • More refreshing breaks (perhaps take several long weekends instead of one or two one-week vacations per year.)
  • A change of jobs if possible.
  • Additional focus on gratitude.

So, where are you today? Do you want to talk it over? You can request a one-time free strategy session here.

Photo by Fernando Puente on Unsplash

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