Do You Like Your Work Space? Plus Results of Pets in the Office, July Freebies, and More

Do you enjoy the space in which you work? Maybe it’s a cubicle, or a home office,  or a co-work spot.  Perhaps you carry your “desk” essentials with you or have a fairly permanent set up at your employer’s location.  Wherever you work, it’s important to have a set-up for comfort (ergonomically, too), motivation and productivity.

This month’s freebie is a worksheet with four simple questions to help you evaluate the workspace you use.  Our one-question poll for the month allows you to pick three tools/items that help you have a pleasant and productive workday.   It will be interesting to see what people will choose, and you now can see the results immediately after answering the question!

Last month, the poll was about pets in the workplace. I also used that topic as the Question of the Day on my personal Facebook page.  (We have some great discussions there.)  Perhaps surprisingly (and perhaps not) there were a few who weren’t convinced pets belong in a workplace.  The results of our poll correlated, indicating there are a number of people who, while they may like animals, may not feel it’s a good idea to have them in the workplace.  Some reasons include allergies or fears that people may have. That’s fair — sometimes animals do invade personal space even if the person hasn’t invited it.

The animals technically did win out though, as you can see from this graph:

In the end, no matter where you fall, remain courteous of those around you (and of your pet.)

Speaking of, here’s my Winkie, who sometimes hangs out in my office (but typically doesn’t.)  Not sure she was thrilled I was taking her photo, but I bet she’s happy the CATS WON!

July’s one-question poll is about your favorite workspace tools/items.

The Refresh bundle focuses on Relationships this month, and the free sample is available on the July FFF page along with other tips and the poll for the month. Check it out!

I hope July is a “cool” month for you. And if you are getting hot under the collar due to stress in your work-life, let me help. Sign up for your free strategy session here.

Photo: My typical co-work set up when working at Endeavor Greenville.

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