Coffee Break Bible Study: Matthew 21-25

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Read Matthew 21.

Why do you think Jesus drove the money changers out of the temple?

How do you interpret verse 22?

Read Matthew 22.

Who was Jesus referring to in the parable of the wedding feast?

What are the two greatest commandments? Write them out.

Read Matthew 23.

What is a convicting phrase in verse 3? Confess anything that comes to mind where you demonstrate the same tendency.

How does Jesus feel about hypocrisy? Who was He speaking to in this chapter?

Matthew 24.

How should Christians expect to be treated in the end times?

What does Jesus encourage us to be like in verse 46?


Matthew 25 34





Read Matthew 25.

Why is it wise to expect and be prepared for Christ’s coming?

How does verse 23 inspire you?


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