Coffee Break Bible Study: Matthew 11-15

Read Matthew 11.

Matthew 11

Why did Jesus speak so strongly to the unrepentant cities?

How do verses 28-30 impact you right now, today?



Read Matthew 12.Matthew 12

What are some Sabbath thoughts that come to you from the early part of this chapter?

In verses 33-37 Jesus tells us that we will know people “by their fruit.” What type of fruit are people seeing in you?

Read Matthew 13.Matthew 13

What do you learn from the parable of the sower?

After reading verse 44, what are you willing to sacrifice for the Kingdom of God?


Read Matthew 14.Matthew 14

Here Jesus feeds 5000. What characterizes Jesus’ attitude?

What do you think of Peter’s act of stepping out onto the water?


Read Matthew 15:CA-loaves fishes

What do you think was Jesus’ point early in chapter 15?

How did the Gentile woman exhibit great faith?


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