Coffee Break Bible Study: Mark 8-12

Read Mark 8.

How did Jesus handle feeding a large crowd?

Jesus was impatient with religious leaders who always seemed to want “a sign.” Do you try to ask God to give you signs about things that you perhaps already know He wants you to do?

Read Mark 9.

Why do you think God redirected Peter’s attention in verse 7?

What encourages you about Jesus’ healing of the boy?

Read Mark 10.

What is God’s hope and intention for marriage?

How did Jesus respond when the disciples tried to send the children away?

Read Mark 11.

Why do you think Jesus may have cursed the fig tree? (See verses 20-25 for some possible further insight.)

Why did Jesus drive out the merchants from the temple (note what He called them)?

Read Mark 12.

What do verses 10-11 seem to point out?

How do you interpret Jesus’ teaching about taxes?

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