Coffee Break Bible Study: Mark 3-7

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Read Mark 3.

Consider the process of Jesus picking his disciples. What do you think was going through His mind?

How did Jesus handle the request of His family wanting to see Him? What do you think they might have wanted?

Read Mark 4.

Why do you think Jesus used stories to teach?

Of the four types of ground described, what would most describe your heart toward God? Draw a picture of the type of ground you think you are.

Read Mark 5.

Why do you think Jesus told the man to go tell his family what had happened to him?

What do you think of Jairus?

Read Mark 6.

The people assumed something about Jesus. What was it?

Do you every feel like Jesus did when He said “Prophets are honored by everyone, except the people of their hometown and their relatives and their own family.” (5:4 CEV)

Read Mark 7.

How did Jesus feel about human rules? 

In verse 24, Jesus tries to get away but it doesn’t work. Do you take time to try to be away from your normal schedule?

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