Coffee Break Bible Study: Mark 13-16; Luke 1

If you’d like to catch up on earlier Coffee Break Bible studies, the Elevate page has them all.

Read Mark 13.

What type of events should we expect during the end times? Can we predict Christ’s return?

How should we prepare in the meantime?

Read Mark 14.

Consider what it was like during the Last Supper. What stands out to you?

What did Jesus know Peter was going to do? Did Peter do so?

Read Mark 15.

How did Jesus respond to Pilate?

Consider the crucifixion and death of Jesus. How does Mark report it?

Read Mark 16.

What is the wonderful focus of this chapter?

What command did Jesus leave His disciples (including us) with?

Read Luke 1:

How would you describe Luke, based on this first chapter?

Refer to verse 37. What situation in your life feels impossible? Commit the circumstances to the Lord today.

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